Every tool can be a weapon: a poorly set up or neglected turntable is making war, not love to your records.

Phono cartridges are mechanical instruments, subject to wear and aging. Stylus wear, suspension fatigue, and one of the most common and worst offenders, a bent cantilever, make for lousy sound and damage nice records. When a stylus goes from being a small wedge that fits across the groove, allowing them to track easily, to wedges that have rounded or worn sideways to the groove, they wear off the high frequency “bumps” in the LP, and create noise.

Turntables with incorrect tracking force, anti skate, and other alignments, do the same.

Hi Fi Lounge offers a full menu of turntable repair and set-up services, for most makes and models. And we don’t empty your wallet doing it.

Cartridges, styli, belts, and more formidable repairs, estimates are usually free at Hi Fi Lounge.

And if you purchase a new cartridge from us, we make sure it’s a match to the particular resonant frequency of your tone arm, install and set alignment/overhang, tracking force, and anti skate. And vertical tracking angle, when applicable and necessary, at a discounted rate. Generally between $15-$30, about the price of one new 180 gram LP, depending on table and cartridge.

Some exotic set-ups can run a little higher.