Hi Fi Lounge Featured Lines include:

Scansonic Speakers: Hi Fi Lounge is one of the first U.S. Retailers to carry this ground breaking line from Denmark.

Musical Fidelity: Musical Fidelity represents the best of British hi-fi, and have won worldwide praise from their earliest amplifiers to their latest digital designs; expertly engineered for natural, authentic sound.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems: Pro-Ject products exhibit sonic performance beyond all expectations normally associated with their price. they are simple to use, maintanance free and will function reliably a lifetime long. They also offer extraordinary value for money.

Ortofon phono cartridges: A truly comprehensive line of Cartridges from the $39 Omega to the very popular 2M series and the $8900 ANNA, all of which we have available.

Hi Fi Lounge also carries: Marantz, Denon, Yamaha, Sumiko Cartridges, Kimber Cable, Aktimate, Audio Engine…with more coming soon.