Scansonic Speakers : Hi Fi Lounge is one of the first U.S. retailers to carry this ground breaking line from Denmark.

Scansonic is the sister brand of the recent audiophile renowned, Raidho acoustics. Designed by the same design team headed up by Michael Borrensen, They therefore have much of the Raidho DNA and magic.

They sell for a fraction of the cost of the Raidho and offer superb performance, with some serious trickle down engineering.

The MB ribbon tweeter has a membrane with an extremely low mass. It is formed by a Kapton-aluminum sandwich that is only 20 um thick, and the resulting mass is app. 0.03 g., which is approximately 50 times less than any conventional textile, ceramic, beryllium or diamond dome. The lower mass translates directly into higher resolution and less material coloration

For the MB-series, they have developed a ridged, dustcap free, carbon membrane. By carefully optimizing the shape and stiffness, they have succeeded in making a very quiet woofer that blends beautifully with the ribbon tweeter. The woofer has an overhung magnet system, with long linear stroke and excellent bass performance.

“The big thing about the Scansonic MB‑2.5, there are those who’ve heard what Raidho do and love it, but hate the price. They simply cannot or will not make that kind of financial commitment on a pair of loudspeakers, no matter how good. Those people will see the Scansonic range as a golden opportunity. It brings them much of what the Raidho speakers offer in a more affordable, more approachable package. Very highly recommended!”  Alan Sircom, HiFi Plus Magazine April 2015