Jolida Electronics Tube Amplifiers

Being a tube amp fan of many years myself, I’ve been contemplating bringing in a line to sell. There are typically two types, the American and Euro/English brands, which price-wise are shall we say, a commitment. By way of comparison, you could buy 4 Jolidas for the price of one similarly powered Audio Research… On the other end are the no-name Chinese brands which are popping up on the internet. Some of which look great, sound OK, and are cheap to buy. At least until they break, or start a fire, which they will.

Jolida a 25 year old company based in Maryland, is a bit of the best of both worlds. The chassis, and some of the less critical labor intensive stuff, is done in their own factory in Asia. But the parts are carefully sourced internationally and of high quality, not Chinese junk. And all design, fine wiring and final assembly/testing are done Stateside. As is all service. They are also very easy to maintain, and tube life is extremely long on these units.