Located in the town of Brighton, suburb of Rochester New York, Hi Fi Lounge has evolved from a music store we started here in 1986, the CD Exchange.

In short we’re music nuts. The listening experience alone is our focus, we don’t do home theater, phones or video games — there’s plenty of outlets for those.

Having built our reputation on a carefully chosen and graded music selection, that focuses on quality. We have applied that philosophy to our audio gear selection as well.

While we haven’t abandoned CDs, our new and used LP selection has been expanding.

We are always interested purchasing and trading for LP and CD collections, and audio components. Please try us last, but do try us if you’re looking to part with music collections or stereo gear. We are not afraid to pay for quality.

Whether  $50 or $5000, our used gear has been fully tested, serviced if necessary, and most comes with a 30 day warranty.

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